UCPath Career Opportunities

Recruitment for new jobs at the UCPath Center located in Riverside, CA, continues.

With career opportunities in benefits, payroll, human resources, fulfillment and records, quality, business operations, HR information systems and customer service, the university expects to hire 156 employees over the next several months and up to 500 when the center is fully operational in July 2015.

Applications from current UC employees will be screened and qualified applicants will be interviewed.

In the event that two candidates are equally qualified, priority will be given to current UC employees. By attracting current UC employees, the UCPath Center is dedicated to building a team that is familiar with the university’s culture and well-positioned to deliver quality service to UC employees.

All interested employees are encouraged to explore current opportunities, which can be found on the UC systemwide UCPath job board.

More Information

Email your questions to UCPathJobs@universityofcalifornia.edu.

Supplemental content

Drawing of UCPath Center Offices with text: UCPath Career Opportunities

The UC Path Center expects to hire up to 480 employees by the time it is fully operational.