Quick Facts

UCPath is a systemwide business transformation project supported by a large-scale technology upgrade.

UC's Payroll/Personnel System, PPS, will be replaced by PeopleSoft, a best-in-class tool for HR and payroll administration.

PPS is almost 35-years-old. The year that PPS was launched (1981)…

  • IBM introduced its first PC.
  • The Apple Macintosh launch was still about three years away.
  • The word “internet” was first mentioned. There was no such thing as the web or web browser.
  • Typewriters were standard office technology.

The idea for replacing PPS came from UC's campus controllers, chief human resource officers and academic personnel directors.

UCPath will support:

  • 18 UC Locations (10 campuses and 5 health systems plus the UC Office of the President, Agriculture and Natural Resources and the Associated Students of UCLA)
  • 190,000 UC employees (60,000 faculty and 130,000 staff)

Benefits of UCPath include:

  • High quality, consistent data
  • More efficient and accurate payroll
  • Stable, reliable technology
  • Improved self-service for employees supported by a customer service center
  • Standardized business process within the UC system


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