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spacerUCPath is a systemwide project  to align HR and payroll processes and technology across all campuses and medical centers. The project includes replacing the 30-year-old payroll/personnel system (PPS) with PeopleSoft and establishing a shared services approach for HR and payroll services supporting all UC employees. UC President Janet Napolitano has made this a top administrative priority for the university.

Direction for the UCPath project comes from a leadership team based at the University of California Office of the President, and all campuses are represented in the UCPath governance structure. In addition to reviewing and providing feedback on business processes, all campuses are involved in planning, design, configuration, testing, and implementation of the processes and technology needed for UCPath.

The name, UCPath, stands for University of California Payroll, Academic personnel, Timekeeping, and Human resources.

Drawing of UCPath Center Offices with text: UCPath Career Opportunities

The UC Path Center expects to hire up to 480 employees by the time it is fully operational.

Graphic representing crawl, run, walk deployment strategy and schedule

The Systemwide UCPath Steering Committee approved the implementation approach and schedule. The 1st group of Pilot campuses will go live in August 2017. UC Davis expects to go live in Spring 2018. Read more here.

Drawing of UCPath Center Offices with text: UCPath Career Opportunities

The systemwide UCPath project group continues to update Frequently Asked Questions, to keep you informed.