DATA WAREHOUSE (ODS/Local Warehouse)

Lead: Linda Durst

UCDHS: Mangesh Kamble

  • All data is transmitted in one file through the DDODS to the local ODS, and loaded in one process. All error and recovery issues are resolved as part of this transmission stream.
  • Data can be extracted directly from the ODS to the Tier-1 system upon demand by the location.
  • Locations could take a “service bus” approach and build extractions that will provide any code or reformatting of data to the needs of the location Tier-1 application with one code source. This approach could significantly lower long term maintenance costs. 
  • UC locations work together to create a Common Data Model (CDM) for their local Data Warehouse. See BICG.
  • Data could be pulled from either the ODS directly or the local data warehouse depending upon the data transformations required.
  • All extraction and processing of the data is determined by the location.
  • All Budget and Labor Ledger data will be distributed from the ODS only.