Lead: Linda Durst

UCDHS: Mangesh Kamble

  • Operational data is expected to be available directly out of UCPath through a combination of operational reporting, audit reports, and online inquiry screens. This data would be considered “real-time” data, as it is provided directly from UCPath to the user. Analytical reporting from HR Analytics is also provided directly from UCPath, but it is prior day data (similar to the ODS) and is not real time.
  • Common operational and audit reports accessible directly from UCPath will be developed by UCPath. The scope and content of operational reporting is currently under evaluation.
  • HR Analytical reporting will provide trend data. UCPath is currently evaluating the scope and content of this effort.
  • All other local Tier-n extract and reporting requirements are the responsibility of the location, and are expected to be met through a combination of each campus’ local data warehouse and direct access from the local ODS.