New way of doing HR business

In recent months, much work has been done to streamline the way we deliver HR service. After successfully reviewing organizational models, collaborating with stakeholders from across the organization, and using the expert analysis of a consulting firm specializing in higher education, we are ready to roll out an HR operating model consisting of four service delivery channels (also called the Future State Operating Model). These delivery channels will perform distinct human resource, academic personnel and payroll functions – capitalizing on the work that has taken place over the past several years to consolidate and streamline transactional work and leverage other staff for the strategic and more consultative HR services.

These four service delivery channels will be responsible for all human resource transactional work, including:

  1. Academic Unit Shared Services Center
  2. College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  3. Human Resources Shared Services
  4. UC Davis Health

HR Shared Services and UC Davis Health service delivery channels will be established under the leadership of the HR Shared Services Organization Executive Director, with appropriate involvement of Health Subject Matter Experts as required. This in an effort to address the unique needs of both organizations while aligning resources and processes.

Clearing the path for UCPath

Starting in 2018, leadership and representatives of all four service delivery channels will collaborate to establish common roles, tools, and business processes enabled by UCPath.

On a larger scale, UCPath is moving forward as a system-wide initiative to establish one modern, shared technology that supports HR and academic personnel functions across UC locations. In Dec. 2017, UC Riverside, UC Merced and Associated Students of UCLA successfully went live with UCPath. UCPath project governance is now planning for the next phase of deployment. UC Davis is currently scheduled to deploy in March 2019. Meanwhile, we will continue to optimize our processes at UC Davis to help prepare us for the adoption of UCPath technology in the future.

UCPath leadership change

In December 2017, Chief Human Resources Officer Brenda Rebman was appointed to assume leadership of the UCPath project at UC Davis following Mike Allred’s retirement.