Program Teams

Meet the Program Teams

The UC Davis program teams consist of both technical and functional leads, subject matter experts and leaders from across UC Davis, UC Davis Health, and Agriculture and Natural Resources. The teams represent the diverse needs of the UC Davis locations and are dedicated to the successful deployment of UCPath.

Program Sponsorship Board

The Program Sponsorship Board provides a forum for project sponsors and select members of the project management team convene and monitor progress, guide the development of project plans, and mitigate any potential risks to the project. This group sets the strategic direction for the project team.

Steering Committee

The primary function of the Steering Committee is to champion the successful implementation of UCPath at UC Davis. Steering Committee members represent the interests of UC Davis, ensure business objectives are being adequately addressed, provide strategic input to the project management offices, and review/monitor project progress.

Group Members

Core Team

The Core Team, which includes both functional and technical representatives, is responsible for the planning and implementation of UCPath at UC Davis.

Project Management Office

Core Team Members

Technical Workgroup

The Technical Workgroup is responsible for implementation, communication and roll-out of UCPath technology and service delivery at UC Davis. Membership includes technology leads, programmers, application developers, database managers and technology analysts from the Davis campus, UC Davis Health, and Agriculture and Natural Resources.


Technical Workgroup

Joint Planning Group

The Joint Planning Group provides collaboration between the project management teams.