Quick Facts

By the Numbers

  • The UC system currently has 11 different payroll systems across locations.
  • UC's existing payroll technologies are nearly 40 years old.
  • UCPath will standardize more than 100 processes through a common technology and shared services center.
  • UCPath will support nearly 200,000 UC employees across 10 campuses, 5 health systems and 5 other locations.


UCPath will be deployed at UC Davis in 2019, following Pilot deployments at UCLA, UC Riverside, UC Merced and ASUCLA. The complete timeline is available on the Systemwide UCPath Project website.

Benefits of UCPath

  • High quality, consistent data
  • More efficient and accurate payroll
  • Stable, reliable technology
  • Improved self-service for employees supported by a customer service center
  • Standardized business processes within the UC system