Do it yourself with new payroll system

October 01, 2018
New modern payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel solution will put more tools into the hands of UC Davis staff and academics when it rolls out next spring.

Differences Between AYSO and UCPath

September 27, 2018
UCPath will replace many At Your Service Online (AYSO) functions and deliver mobile-friendly access to new features.

How Academics Can Navigate UCPath

September 27, 2018
View step-by-step directions on new features in UCPath including sabbatical credits, direct deposit, and more.

How to Access Tax Documents (W-2s)

June 20, 2018
W-2s released prior to UCPath’s launch at UC Davis will still be available through the At Your Service Online (AYSO) website.

Learn How to Update your Benefits

June 20, 2018
When UCPath goes live at UC Davis, you will be able to enroll in benefits through the UCPath Employee Self-Service Portal.

Update New Personal Information

June 20, 2018
You will be able to easily update your personal information at any time directly through the UCPath Portal