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Introducing UC Pay Cards, An ATM-Style Way To Receive Your Pay

Pay cards are an excellent new option for a non-represented employee who doesn’t want to use a conventional bank account.  

When the new UCPath system goes live, staff, academics and student employees will have new tools and options to view and manage their pay and payroll information. The new system will deliver several new payment options, including a personalized pay card and expanded direct deposit flexibility.

The UC Pay Card is a new option for non-represented and certain represented employees who don’t want to use a conventional bank account. They are reloaded each pay day and act like a debit card—accepted anywhere Visa‐logo cards are accepted. You will be able to buy groceries, gas or anything with a pay card.

“We think the personalized pay card is an excellent alternative option for any employee who doesn’t want to sign up for direct deposit,” said Kathy Sandhu, payroll services director for UC Davis. “It’s secure and avoids the delays that come with paper paychecks now being sent through U.S. Mail.”

Pay cards will be issued directly through ADP and will be personalized with your name. There is not an employee fee to set up and use pay cards when using an in-network financial institution.

To sign up, you will need to complete a consent form and provide a social security number. Sign up will be available after UCPath goes live. Pay cards will also be used for emergency payments. These temporary pay cards will not be preprinted with employee names. There will also be an off-cycle reimbursement option.

Click here to see which unions are participating in the UC Pay Card option.

Other important changes coming to pay:

  • Local pickup of paychecks will be discontinued.
  • Now specify up to three different Direct Deposit accounts.
  • Credit Union deposits no longer handled as payroll deductions.
  • Two W-2s will be issued for 2019.
  • Troubleshoot paycheck issues with your department or your Service Channel.

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