Project Scope

Implementing UCPath requires a wide array of efforts, including:

  • Business process redesign for human resources, payroll, and benefits transactions
  • Data cleanup, mapping and migration
  • Integration of functionality between UC Davis and UCOP technology applications
  • Design and development of local applications and tools to utilize UCPath data on our campus

This implementation plan breaks these efforts down into the following workstreams:

  • Future State Process Design (FSPD)
    • Outlining requirements for more than 100 business processes and the touch points between the campus locations and the UCPath Center in Riverside
    • Developing the processes for work that is not handled by the UCPath Center, but remains on campus
  • Data Cleansing and Conversion
    • Assembling PPS and non-PPS data needed to implement and operate UCPath
    • Cleaning up and converting this data into formats that are compatible with the new system
  • Interface Development
    • Programming the IT interfaces that enable information to be exchanged between UCPath and other campus systems, such as time reporting, parking, the Student Information System (SIS), etc.
  • Operational Data Store (ODS)
    • Creating a local data warehouse that enables the use of data from UCPath. Some systems will receive UCPath data directly through software interfaces.  Other systems will receive UCPath data via the Operational Data Store (ODS).
  • Reporting
    • Developing the reports to supplement central and departmental PeopleSoft business needs

The project also includes project management, change management, communications and training workstreams to support the successful implementation of UCPath.