Timekeeping Systems

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Screen shot of the TRS user interface. (Click image for larger view.) Contact the TRS Project Team for information about how to enroll your department in TRS.

Welcome to UC Davis’ overview of timekeeping systems approved for interfacing to UCPath in the future.  Under UCPath, most UC Davis employees will be required to report their work time and/or leave time via one of the three automated time keeping systems described below.  However, the majority of departments will be using TRS.


Subject Matter Experts: Kobe Childs, Kelly A. Davidson and Valerie Orick

Developers: Sandeep Appikonda and Henry Xiang

The Time Reporting System (TRS) has been selected as the primary UC Davis campus system for integrating employee time records with PPS currently, and eventually the new UCPath HR/payroll system for the majority of the campus population. TRS was developed by UC Irvine in 2010. It is currently in use at UCI, UCLA, UCOP, UCM, UC Hastings and UC Davis. Since then, more than 370 UC Davis departments, which includes 17,520 users, have transitioned to the system.  It is our goal to have all UC Davis campus employees use this timekeeping system prior to going live with UCPath, with the exception of those departments that have been approved for the Kronos or Ecotime timekeeping systems.  If your department has not converted from OPTRS to TRS, please contact the TRS Help desk (trshelp@ucdavis.edu) to begin the implementation process.

Please click here for details on current TRS.

Please click here for details on future TRS-UCPath. (under construction)


Subject Matter Expert: Alida Bailey

ecotime, from Huntington Business Systems (HBS), is the automated time and attendance system used by the UC Davis Health System staff.  Implementation of ecotime eliminated paper shift change requests, manual time off requests, and all paper time cards.  ecotime uses complex, standardized business rules and payroll calculations and provides visibility of attendance patterns that result in non-productive time.  PeopleSoft, the UCDHS Human Resources system, interfaces with ecotime and drives some of the data and configuration.  ecotime also interfaces with the UC payroll system, currently PPS, and will eventually interface with the new UCPath system for source HR data, as well as to transmit time data to process Payroll.

Please click here for details and resources for UCDHS’ ecotime.


Subject Matter Expert: Dan Tory

Kronos is an electronic timekeeping system that allows time entries through a web service interface and/or terminal device. This system has been approved as a secondary timekeeping solution for UC Davis campus departments with unique timekeeping requirements, similar to those at UCDHS.  The automated clock in/clock out feature and other specific timekeeping functions in Kronos are used by a limited number of campus departments. This system aids these departments in supporting their 24/7 operations and additional timekeeping requirements currently unavailable in TRS.