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Bringing the best to UC Davis

UCPath is a one-of-a-kind online tool that brings together human resources, academic personnel, benefits and payroll services for more than 200,000 University of California employees. With UCPath, we are enhancing the user-experience and how we handle business with upgraded technology, standardized processes and shared services. Together, we are strengthening our foundation, achieving administrative excellence and preparing for future growth.

Before we had UCPath . . . 

  • The UC system had 11 separate and disconnected versions of a payroll system, limiting our ability to share data and establish best practices across UC locations.
  • Some of UC's payroll technologies were nearly 40 years old. They are insufficient to support a complex employee population and changing business needs.
  • The overall UC employee experience was inconsistent. Depending on individual campus resources, employees had varying levels of access to payroll, benefits, and HR information across locations.

UCPath enhances the way we deliver human resources

UC recognizes that its human resource and payroll processes can be better streamlined and standardized across locations, resulting in more efficient operations and higher quality of service to employees. UCPath helps move us toward these goals through:

  • High quality, consistent data
  • More efficient and accurate payroll
  • Stable, reliable technology
  • Improved self-service for employees supported by a customer service center
  • Standardized business processes within the UC system