Retirees and Former Employees: Accessing Your W-2

February 04, 2021
After you leave UC Davis or UC Davis Health, you will still be able to access employment information online, including earning statements, W-2 tax statements and verification of employment.

Paycheck reminders for 2021

January 29, 2021
Health insurance premiums, retirement contributions and tax changes can all have an impact on your paycheck. Here are some things you may have noticed on your first paycheck of the new year.

Year-end Tax and Payroll Reminders

December 11, 2020
Jan. 15 is the deadline to update personal information, verify dependents and opt for electronic W-2s before UCPath begins processing W-2s in late January. Read more about the Earned Income Tax Credit Act, tax withholding exemption and information for international employees.

Try the New UCPath Phone Appointment Feature

December 08, 2020
Starting Dec. 7, 2020, all UC employees can schedule phone appointments with UCPath for assistance with submitted inquiries. One-hour appointments are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (PT). Schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you — no waiting required!