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Kelly Ratliff
Vice Chancellor
Division of Finance, Operations and Administration

At the beginning of a new year, I enjoy reflecting on recent accomplishments and am particularly proud of the progress made to improve services in the areas of human resources, payroll and academic personnel. The staff in these areas have worked hard to provide excellent customer service and they are ready to go further in 2018.

Here’s just a glimpse of what’s happening:

  • Building four service delivery channels to exclusively deliver human resources, payroll and academic personnel services
  • Making progress toward a March 2019 launch of UCPath

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all the employees who dedicate their efforts toward improving UC Davis each day. I have seen this organization successfully come together time and again to adopt new programs, technologies and organizational models to prepare the university for the future. I am proud to see how far we have come and look forward to our next steps.

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About UCPath

UCPath is a systemwide initiative to align human resource, academic personnel, benefits and payroll services for more than 200,000 University of California employees. We are changing the way we do business with upgraded technology, standardized processes and shared services. Together, we are strengthening our foundation, achieving administrative excellence and preparing for future growth.

Why UCPath?

  • The UC system currently has 11 separate and disconnected payroll systems, which limit our ability to share data and establish best practices across UC locations.
  • Some of UC's current payroll technologies are nearly 40 years old. They are insufficient to support a complex employee population and changing business needs.
  • The overall UC employee experience is inconsistent. Depending on individual campus resources, employees have varying levels of access to payroll, benefits, and HR information across locations.
UCPath helps us achieve higher quality service and more efficient operations. Read more...