We are committed to a security model that grants the appropriate level of visibility and access to each employee using UCPath. 

UCPath access overview 

  • UCPath uses our current “single sign-on” framework via Shibboleth. 
  • DUO is required for access to the UCPath system. 
  • All employees are granted access to Employee Self-Service functions in UCPath. 
  • All managers with “reports to” relationships, have access to Manager Self-Service functions, including recruiting (TAM) and ePerformance. 
  • Requests for access are submitted through a Security Liaison for your unit/department. 

Click below to learn more about security levels, access requests, security liaisons and training.

  • Security Levels 

  • There are two levels of security in UCPath:

    • Roles - Controls the screens you see and the types of actions you can take
    • Rows - Controls whose data you see, based on Business Unit & HR Department

    You have one definition of your row-level security that applies to ALL of your assigned Roles.

    Security Role Types

    Initiator - Transactional User

    • Initiates requests / transactions in UCPath
    • Primary entry role for creating & updating records
    • Primarily Service Channels & Central Office users but includes Fund/Account mgrs.

    Approver - Transactional User

    • Approves requests / transactions in UCPath
    • Reviews & approves before going to UCPath Center
    • Primarily Service Channels & Central Office users but includes Finance officers.

    Inquiry User - View-Only Access

    • Able to view information directly in UCPath system
    • Primarily Central Offices and HR Business Partners

    Cognos Report User - Reporting Access

    • Reports accessed from Cognos data warehouse, not directly in UCPath
    • Includes department users as well as Central Offices and Service Channels

    Additionally there are less commonly assigned roles such as various types of Administrator roles

    How was Security Access Decided?

    • Input from unit / department leaders
    • Review of current access in PPS, KFS, PPS DS, and UCDH PeopleSoft
    • Analysis of Business Need for Access as well as Security & Privacy compliance
    • Review by UCPath Security Committee

    Because of the confidential nature of the information, access to UCPath is granted only for the performance of assigned job duties. 

  • Requesting Access
  • UCPath Security Liaisons (see table below to identify your department contacts) have been identified for each department/unit and/or division. Questions about access should first go to your department’s UCPath Security Liaison and they will escalate appropriately. Utilizing the UCPath Security Liaison will ensure questions are resolved as quickly as possible.

    The role of the Security Liaison is to:

    • Review requested and assigned UCPath roles and rows, and Cognos report users.
    • Help respond to any questions or concerns for their departments.
    • Coordinate questions and access updates with the UCPath Security team.

    The role of the Security Liaison includes approving access requests. The Security Liaison will assist with submitting the request to the UCPath Security team.

    Process for Submitting Updates
    • Contact your UCPath Security Liaison to discuss the business rationale for the roles/rows needed.
    • Working with your UCPath Security Liaison, submit the online application request at https://access.ucpath.ucdavis.eduReview the instructions for completing the form and contact the UCPath Security Team at for assistance.
    • An email confirmation will be provided when the role/row changes have been fully processed.

    If your access doesn’t seem correct, please report to the UCPath Security Team at The UCPath Security Team will review and resolve issues as quickly as possible. There are approximately 100 different UCPath security roles in use at UC Davis, so some adjustment may be necessary.

    All requests will be processed as quickly as possible. Your patience is appreciated!

  • Security Liaisons
  • Initial Point of Contact for Questions on UCPath Access

    The people listed in the tables below are acting as the liaisons for their units regarding the UCPath Security Role Assignments. These liaisons will provide assistance with access for their area, which includes UCPath Security Roles as well as “row level Security” that denotes to which departments the user will have access.

    Download a printable Excel version

    Updated: January 30, 2024

    UC Davis Health, UC Davis Medical Center, School of Medicine, School of Nursing

    Security Access GroupUCPath Security Liaison
    Service Channel - Health - AP SOMBrent Seifert
    Service Channel - Health - AP SOMAbby Reyes
    Service Channel - Health - LOA, Records, & Recruit CoordinatorsRobert Pettit
    Service Channel - Health - LOA, Records, & Recruit CoordinatorsEvelyn Almeida
    Service Channel - Health - LOA, Records, & RecruitmentAli Marie Cordone
    Service Channel - Health - Payroll ServicesSvetlana Tymoshchenko
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - School of MedAbby Reyes
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - School of MedNicole Steele
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - School of NursingHolly Evans
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - School of NursingSteven Wells
    Central Office - HR Staff at UCDHSJustin Johnsen
    UCDHS - IT, Compliance, Employee HealthSusana Lee
    UCDHS - IT, Compliance, Employee HealthAngela Brauner
    UCDMC - FinanceKerri Hester
    UCDMC - FinanceKara Shaw
    All other UCD Health DepartmentsKara Shaw (for GL roles)
    Kerri Hester (for GL roles)
    Justin Johnsen (for HR roles)

    UC Davis Main Campus

    Security Access GroupUCPath Security Liaison
    Service Channel - AUSS-CLisa Gaby
    Service Channel - AUSS-CRobin Tapia
    Service Channel - DiSSCNephi Lewis
    Service Channel - SSOJustine Canevari
    Service Channel - SSOStacey Stephens
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - AthleticsSean Quinn
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Bio SciencesLaura Aranda Arestegui
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Bio SciencesJen Sang
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - CAESNephi Lewis
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - CAESJennifer Long
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - CAESJanelle M Kohl
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - CAESShannon Tanguay
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Cont & Prog EdLindsey Dunn
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - DEVARMelanie Christensen
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - DEVARTania Walden
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - EngineeringMelanie Clague
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - EngineeringPenny Schafer
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - FOASteve Lanterman
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - FOANancy Hernandez
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - GSMMichele Goodman
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - IETSonja Colbert
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - IETChristina Harland
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - IETJeri Miller
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - L&SCelina Cano
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - L&SJuliana Gibbs
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - L&SVeronica Ledesma
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - LawKristina Do-Vu
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - LawBrett Burns
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - LibraryElizabeth Vaziri
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - LibraryEsther Cannizzaro
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Office of ResearchIndu Tandon
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Office of ResearchDorothy Chan
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Office of ResearchTiffany Dong
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Office of the Chancellor/ProvostMatt Foster
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Office of the Chancellor/ProvostJennifer Paoli 
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Office of the Chancellor/ProvostKatya Rodriguez
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - School of EdHeidi O'Guinn
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - School of EdDamian Chapman
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - School of EdDonna Connolly
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Student AffairsMonica Wilson
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Student AffairsDave Johnson
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Student AffairsGuadalupe Castro
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Student AffairsLorna Gill
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Cont & Prof EdDenise Prigge
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Vet MedBrenda Scalzi
    Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Vet MedMary McNally
    Central Office - Academic AffairsKim Delaughder
    Central Office - AdminITLeslie Olsen
    Central Office - AMASJanet Cox
    Central Office - BIATerrence Ireland
    Central Office - ComplianceWendy Lilliedoll
    Central Office - Contracts & GrantsMario Reina-Guerra
    Central Office - Contracts & GrantsJames Ringo
    Central Office - FinanceCourtney Finn
    Central Office - FinanceMike Legrand
    Central Office - Supply ChainMike Kuhner
    Central Office - Financial AidCatherine Li
    Central Office - Grad StudiesRosemary Martin-Ocampo
    Central Office - HR CampusMatt Matuszak
    Central Office - IC/Student EmplAndrea Hanson
    Central Office - ITXWalter Allen
    Central Office - PayrollKathy Sandhu
    Central Office - Campus Risk Management/WCGaby Renteria
    Central Office - Student AcctingIleana Acevedo
    Central Office - TaxRicardo Buenrostro
    PMO TeamSusan McCutcheon


  • Security Roles Training
  • Required Training

    Anyone who has been assigned one or more of the following roles must complete the required training:

    Funding Entry Initiator Funding Entry Approver Salary Cost Transfer (Direct Retro) Initiator Salary Cost Transfer (Direct Retro) Approver

    For all other roles, there are recommended learning paths, eLearning courses, and reference guides that can be found on the Training Resources page on the UCPath site at

    Note, in the future, required training will be added to additional roles and become required for new users.

    A note about Cognos reports: Cognos reports training is not required, but highly recommended. We encourage all Cognos users to take a few minutes to watch the Cognos Reports (NAV108) elearning and download this guide for instructions.

    Required training is available from the UC Davis Learning Center. The courses are listed in the table below. The first three are optional but highly recommended and the remaining two are the courses that are required to maintain UCPath access.

    Course CodeTitleDurationContent / Description
    UCDGEN100Upcoming Changes: Funding Entry & Salary Cost Transfers10 minThis course provides a quick overview of the changes to how we'll handle Funding Entry and Salary Cost Transfers with the new UCPath system.
    UCDGEN101Overview of Funding in UCPath15 minThis course explains the core concepts on how funding will be handled with UCPath and is recommended as a precursor to the Funding Entry / Updates and Salary Cost Transfer courses.
    UCDGEN110Funding Entry Inquiry20 minThis course provides tips on navigating in UCPath and explains how to run a Funding Entry Inquiry. It includes details on how to interpret the information provided on-screen.
    UCDGEN201Funding Entry & Updates
    Required for Access
    30 minThis course describes the position funding entry process overall as well as providing detailed instructions on submitting new funding entry requests, updating existing funding entries, and uploading funding files into UCPath.
    UCDGEN202Salary Cost Transfers
    Required for Access
    30 minThis course describes how to enter salary cost transfers in UCPath,It also explains how to run Salary Cost Transfer inquiries and interpret the resulting screen.