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Academic Liaisons Prepare Academics and Departments for UCPath

Presentations to academic departments will convey academics’ perspective

A group of Academic Senate and Academic Federation members are helping UC Davis academic departments prepare for the implementation of UCPath. Nine members across a wide variety of colleges and schools at UC Davis have been selected from nominations made by deans’ offices to serve as Academic Liaisons. The Liaisons will present to department faculty and other academics on the changes coming with UCPath implementation.

“Academic Liaisons serve an important role in UCPath implementation” said Binnie Singh, assistant vice provost of Academic Affairs. “As academics, they are able to convey the perspective of how life in the academic departments, programs and centers will change as we move forward under UCPath. Core academic personnel processes continue as they have been, but some of the business system processes supporting them are changing. We want our academics to hear this from their peers.”


The following members of the academic community will serve as Academic Liaisons:

David Campbell
Associate Dean
Community Studies Specialist, UC Cooperative Extension
Department of Human Ecology
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

John Harada
Executive Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Professor of Plant Biology
College of Biological Sciences

Anita Oberbauer
Associate Dean
Professor of Animal Science
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Alyssa Panitch
Executive Associate Dean and Associate Dean of Academic Personnel and Planning
Professor of Biomedical Engineering
College of Engineering

Cynthia Passmore
Professor of Science Education
School of Education

Jon Ramsey
Professor of Molecular Biosciences
School of Veterinary Medicine

Gregg Recanzone
Associate Dean for Research and Resources
Professor of Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior
Center for Neuroscience
College of Biological Sciences

Jeanette B. Ruiz
Lecturer PSOE
Department of Communication
College of Letters and Science

Prasanth Surampudi
Associate Clinical Professor of Endocrinology
Division of Internal Medicine
School of Medicine

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