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IET Correcting Wrong Phone Numbers in UCPath

The transition to UCPath is less than one month old and has been mostly a smooth process with very few pay impacting errors. However, we have seen other issues that are being corrected. Two separate errors occurred that resulted in several employee’s office phone numbers transferring into UCPath incorrectly.

The first issue was smaller in scale and revolved around an error in UCPath that resulted in the system not accepting new or changed work numbers. That has been largely resolved. The second issue is larger in scope. There are nearly 9,000 employees who received a different work phone number several years ago and that phone number did not update in the UCPath conversion. This is a known issue to IET and a large number of those numbers have been imputed to UCPath correctly.

What if Your Number is Wrong?

  • If your number is correct in the UC Davis online directory but wrong in UCPath, sit tight. IET is working to correct all the work numbers that converted incorrectly. That process should be completed by Friday, October 25.
  • If your number is not in the directory or the phone number in the directory is wrong, you can update it by clicking here (you will need to login through Kerberos and enrolled in Duo to update your information).

Learn more about UCPath and click here to learn more about who to call if you have a question or encounter a problem.

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