Vacation Planning

Vacation Accrual Maximums to Change for Some Part-Time Employees

When UCPath is implemented across UC Davis on Oct. 1, vacation maximums for some part-time employees will be capped by the system at pro-rated limits. This is in alignment with UC Davis’ policy and applicable labor contracts.

While our current system does enforce limits for full-time employees, it wasn’t programmed to enforce pro-rated vacation limits for part-time employees. As a result, there are part-time employees who need to decrease their vacation balances below the pro-rated maximums by Dec. 31, 2019.

Grace Period Through Dec. 31 

At UCPath go-live on Oct. 1, part-time employees will no longer be able to accrue vacation in excess of applicable vacation maximums, in alignment with our policy and applicable labor contracts. 

  • Part-time employees APPROACHING the pro-rated vacation maximum 
    Should schedule with their supervisor use of vacation between now and September 30, 2019 to avoid reaching the pro-rated vacation maximum that takes effect on October 1, 2019.  
  • Part-time employees OVER the pro-rated maximum  
    Should schedule with their supervisor the use of vacation between now and December 31, 2019 to reduce their balances. After that date, any part-time employees over their pro-rated vacation maximum will cease accruing vacation until such time as they drop below the maximum. 

How Managers and Supervisors Can Help

It’s important that employees know that they will not lose any vacation they have already accrued. Managers and supervisors can contact their Employee Relations Consultant on the Davis Campus or at UC Davis Health, with questions or vacation-related issues.   

The following part-time employees are affected by this change:

  • Non-represented PSS and MSP employees (99s and K-3), and 
  • Represented employees in bargaining units: Clerical (CX), Research (RX), Technical (TX), Firefighters (F3), and Student Health Physicians and Dentists (DX) 

The above unions have already been noticed by ELR. Part-time employees covered by the other labor contracts (e.g., Service - SX, Nursing – NX), including the academic bargaining units, are not subject to the pro-rated vacation maximum. Those part-time employees may accrue vacation equivalent to a full-time employee.  

For more information, employees can view the Vacation Over the Max frequently asked questions.


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