A UCPath Guide To Your New Employee Portal

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The new modern payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel solution will put more tools into the hands of employees when it rolls out next spring. UCPath will replace many At Your Service Online (AYSO) functions and deliver mobile-friendly access to new features.

Updating Your Information

Using UCPath Portal Employee Actions, you can update:

  • Name: legal or preferred
  • Contact information: address, email, phone
  • Emergency contact
  • Education & qualification
  • Disclosure forms
  • Direct deposit preferences / accounts
  • Federal or California Withholding
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Benefits changes (life event updates)

For example, this is what it will look like when you log-in to update your direct deposit, which will apply to your paycheck and expense reimbursements.

Screen shot of direct deposit: change bank account


Screen shot of direct deposit: update routing and account number


Screen shot of direct deposit: click and acknowledge and save

Viewing Your Information

Using UCPath Portal Employee Actions, you can view:

  • Your title, employee ID and service date
  • Paycheck information
  • Leave balances for sick and vacation, including accrual rate and maximum
  • W-2 Year End Wage & Tax Statement
  • Benefits selections
  • Employment verification summary
  • Notices & updates with key information for all employees, such as W-2 reminders at year end or planned system outages

For example, this is what it will look like when you log-in to view your leave balances.

Leave Balance screen shot

  • Monthly Pay Cycle: updated at the end of the pay-period after the month of leave is taken or earned (i.e. leave taken in Nov is updated in your Nov total during the processing at the end of Dec).
  • Bi-weekly Pay Cycle: updated in pay-period in which leave is taken or earned (i.e. leave taken in the first half of Nov is updated during the processing for the first half of Nov).
  • As of Date defaults to the most recent pay period end date. Balances are based on this date.
  • Service Months here are for leave accrual process, not retirement service credit.

At Your Service Isn’t Going Away Yet

In future phases of the UCPath project, the remaining AYSO features will also move to UCPath. Until then, employees can still access AYSO to:

  • Access the retirement estimator.
  • View and update beneficiary information.
  • View and print past W-2s (Note: all employees will receive two W-2s for 2019 – one from the PPS system which can be viewed in AYSO, and another from UCPath).
  • View past benefits information.
  • View or change retirement savings account information (Fidelity website).


Preview the new portal

The new UCPath Portal is a modern online tool aimed at providing a friendly and intuitive user-experience. The main dashboard inside the portal offers high-level information including the date of your paycheck, benefits review, access to retirement, and info on any remaining vacation and sick balances.