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Department Tips To Help Student Employees Get Paid On Time

Ensuring student employees are paid on time is a priority at UC Davis and UC Davis Health. With UCPath, there is less flexibility with onboarding, timesheet approval and other functions key to student employee pay. Below are a few tips to help ensure your department's student employees are paid on time.

Tips for Supporting Student Employees


Make sure your service channel has everything they need to process the student's employment in a timely manner. Please do not schedule students to begin work until the service channel has cleared them to start.

Timesheet Approval

Please remind your student employees about their timesheet deadlines and remind all supervisors and managers to approve timesheets by their deadlines. Now that payroll in centralized at the UCPath Center, there is much less flexibility on payroll deadlines.

Pay Issues
  1. Ask your student employees if they are experiencing any pay issues.
  2. Escalate student pay issues to your service channel immediately. Provide the student employee's full name, department, hours worked, pay period and hourly pay rate. Service Channels, Payroll/UCPath teams and UCPath Center all prioritize missing or inaccurate pay and will resolve pay issues as quickly as possible.
  3. Review our student pay resources page for more information.