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Recommended Quick Reference Guides

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Recommended & Required eLearning Courses 

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Content / Description


Upcoming Changes: Funding Entry & Salary Cost Transfers

10 min

This course provides a quick overview of the changes to how we'll handle Funding Entry and Salary Cost Transfers with the new UCPath system.


Overview of Funding in UCPath

15 min

This course explains the core concepts on how funding will be handled with UCPath and is recommended as a precursor to the Funding Entry / Updates and Salary Cost Transfer courses.


Funding Entry Inquiry

20 min

This course provides tips on navigating in UCPath and explains how to run a Funding Entry Inquiry. It includes details on how to interpret the information provided on-screen.


Funding Entry & Updates 
Required for Access

30 min

This course describes the position funding entry process overall as well as providing detailed instructions on submitting new funding entry requests, updating existing funding entries, and uploading funding files into UCPath.


Salary Cost Transfers (Direct Retro) 
Required for Access

30 min

This course describes how to enter salary cost transfers in UCPath, using the Direct Retro transaction. It also explains how to run Direct Retro inquiries and interpret the resulting screen.