Finance User Learning Path

Welcome to the Finance User Learning Path. 

This page provides guidance on resources specifically for those who are handling Funding Entry and Salary Cost Transfers (Direct Retros).  The full library of training materials can be found on the Training Resources page.  The latest news on the UCPath system related to Finance can be found on the System News page.

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Changes UCPath Brings to Funding Entry & Salary Cost Transfers

10 min

This course provides a quick overview of the changes to how we'll handle Funding Entry and Salary Cost Transfers with the new UCPath system.


Overview of Funding in UCPath

15 min

This course explains the core concepts on how funding will be handled with UCPath and is recommended as a precursor to the Funding Entry / Updates and Salary Cost Transfer courses.



Funding Entry Inquiry

20 min

This course provides tips on navigating in UCPath and explains how to run a Funding Entry Inquiry. It includes details on how to interpret the information provided on-screen.



Funding Entry & Updates 
Required for Access

30 min

This course describes the position funding entry process overall as well as providing detailed instructions on submitting new funding entry requests, updating existing funding entries, and uploading funding files into UCPath.


Salary Cost Transfers (Direct Retro) 
Required for Access

30 min

This course describes how to enter salary cost transfers in UCPath, using the Direct Retro transaction. It also explains how to run Direct Retro inquiries and interpret the resulting screen.

UCDGEN203 MCOP/Salary Cap Worksheet in Funding Entry  20 min This course walks through the Salary Cap/MCOP Worksheet in the Funding Entry Page in UCPath. The Salary Cap/MCOP Worksheet is used for entering funding distributions for Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP) employees and/or employees with funding subject to Salary Caps.

Salary Cost Transfers for Work-Study

Coming Soon!
  This course explains the basics of the Work-Study program and provides step-by-step instructions on how to process salary cost transfers ("direct retros") for paychecks with Work-Study funding.  

Calculators to Aid UCPath Entry

Below please find links to Excel calculators that have been developed by departments at UC Davis to help in preparing content before entering it into the UCPath screens.

• Calculator for Percent of Effort to UCPath Funding Entry (thanks to CA-ES team!)
• Calculator for Salary Cap / MCOP Worksheets (thanks to SOM team!)
     The Salary Cap/MCOP Worksheet was updated on 2/13/20 to include NIH salary cap, calculations for vacation pay in Direct Retros and a new Tips sheet