UCPath Inquiry & Reporting Users

Recommended Quick Reference Guides & eLearning

For Cognos Users:

Guides for UCPath Inquiry Users:

Please note that your UCPath security role will determine if you have access to all of the inquiries listed in the following guides.

For the full library of available guides and training courses, please visit the Training Resources page.

eLearning for UCPath Inquiry Users:

Following are eLearning courses provided by UCPath Center that will provide you with a foundation of knowledge for performing inquiries in the UCPath system.


Webinar Content

UCPath Reporting (Cognos), Navigation & Inquiries - 60 Minutes (UCDRPT110)

Exploration and demonstration of Cognos Reporting, followed by guidance for UCPath Inquiry users on UCPath Navigation and learning how to find the data you need in UCPath.  

  Click links at right for:  PowerPoint   |   Recording of Webinar