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2021 Open Enrollment Highlights


Information below is from UCnet Article Oct. 13

Cost-sharing changes for Kaiser, UC Blue & Gold HMO and UC Care

For Kaiser and UC Blue & Gold HMO, emergency room copayments are increasing from $75 to $125 if the patient is not admitted to the hospital.

For UC Care, there are changes to member cost-sharing amounts:

  • The calendar year deductible remains $0 when you see UC Select providers. For other providers, deductibles are increasing to $500 (preferred)/$750 (non-preferred) for individuals and $1,000 (preferred)/$1,750 (non-preferred) for families.
  • The copayment for urgent care has decreased from $30 to $20. The copayment for emergency care has increased to $300 if the patient is not admitted to the hospital.
  • Coinsurance for preferred providers has increased from 20% to 30%.
  • The out-of-pocket maximum has increased to $6,100 (UC Select)/ $7,600 (preferred)/$9,600 (non-preferred) for individuals and $9,700 (UC Select)/ $14,200 (preferred)/$20,200 (non-preferred) for family coverage.

Read more about 2021 UC Davis and ANR employee rates for medical plan premiums.

New administrator for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

Discovery Benefits is the new FSA administrator, offering one account, one card and one mobile app for your Health and DepCare FSA — simply snap a photo with your phone to submit a claim or documentation.

Don’t forget -  Current participants must re-enroll to participate in 2021.

Legal Insurance

New Diversity and Inclusion services are being added to further support the needs of UC’s diverse population, including domestic partnership agreements, funeral directives, hospital visitation authorizations, and gender identifier changes on government-issued documents.

Lower premiums for Supplemental and Expanded Dependent Life Insurance

Premiums for Supplemental and Expanded Dependent Life Insurance are decreasing an average of 7%.

Premium increase for Voluntary Long-Term Disability

Premiums for Long-Term Disability are increasing an average of $10.50 per month. Costs vary depending on age, earnings and date of hire. 

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