Pay Processes

Year-end Tax and Payroll Reminders

Jan. 15 is the deadline to update personal information, verify dependents and opt for electronic W-2s before UCPath begins processing W-2s in late January. Read more about the Earned Income Tax Credit Act, tax withholding exemption and information for international employees.

Coming Soon: IRS Form 1095 for 2019

In the coming weeks, UC employees and retirees will receive 1095-B and/or 1095-C forms verifying their health coverage for 2019. The IRS has extended their deadline for employers until March 2, 2020.

UCPath online for former employees

After employees leave the UC system, they may access past UC earning statements and W-2 forms through the UCPath online process specifically designed for former employees. Here are the steps:

Your UCPath Paychecks Have A New Look

The UCPath paychecks and portal pay statements that UC employees have been receiving since late September have a different look and new information will be available in the UCPath Online Portal.

Payroll Resources for Student Employees

UCPath is here to serve the entire UC Davis employee population, yet we recognize that with a deployment of this magnitude, some pay errors will occur. We want to ensure that every student employee has the resources available to resolve any pay issues quickly. The FAQs listed below provide guidance for some basic scenarios.

Not All UC Davis Grad Students Will Be Paid in UCPath

There’s been some confusion about whether all graduate students will be paid through UCPath. While many student employees do use UCPath, there are some, particularly graduate students, that will not be paid by UCPath. Those students are paid through the Student Accounting office.