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Avoid Pay Delays with Direct Deposit

This information was published prior to UCPath go-live at UC Davis. If you need assistance, please visit Who to Contact for Help.

Any employee still opting for a paper paycheck when UCPath launches Oct 1 should expect a delay.  

Local department pickup of paychecks will no longer be available when UC Davis joins five other UC campuses in UCPath this fall. Instead, paper paychecks will be mailed to home addresses on payday from a Wells Fargo Bank servicing center located in Arizona.  

“This is a big change and has all sorts of implications for employees who receive paper paychecks,” explained Matt Okamoto, Asst. Vice Chancellor and Controller, Finance, Operations and Administration Department. “Outdated home addresses or international addresses will send paychecks on a wild ride through the postal service and result in an employee not having quick access to their pay.” 

Currently, more than 2,200 employees at UC Davis and UC Davis Health receive paper paychecks. About half of those are student employees

“We’re extremely concerned about our employees who have not taken steps to avoid pay delays,” added Okamoto. “We’ve seen this be an issue at other campuses that have launched before us and have tried to reach these employees in numerous ways.” 

The UCPath project team has engaged in different strategies to reach employees directly and indirectly:  

  • Inserts in paper paychecks 

  • Posters in common areas 

  • Social media content  

  • Direct deposit workshops 

  • Monthly reports to schools, colleges and divisions 

  • Post cards mailed to home addresses 

  • Handouts at onboarding of new employees 

  • Town Hall presentations 

“The last thing we want is anyone wondering when their paycheck is going to arrive in the mail or whether it’s gotten lost.” Kathy Sandhu, UC Davis Payroll Director said. “With Direct Deposit, an employee will know their paycheck will get into their accounts on payday.” 

 Employees who have not enrolled in Direct Deposit are strongly encouraged to go to At Your Service Online (AYSO) and sign up. The deadline for employees that are paid monthly to sign-up in AYSO is July 31. Employees that are paid bi-monthly must sign-up for Direct Deposit by August 20After those deadlines, employees will need to wait until UCPath goes live to sign up.

Employees who have already enrolled in Direct Deposit do not need to re-enroll.  

To learn about all of the pay options available with UCPath, go to 

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