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Blazing way to operational excellence

This information was published prior to UCPath go-live at UC Davis. If you need assistance, please visit Who to Contact for Help.

Boots laced, water bottles filled, trail map in hand. Get ready folks, we’re setting out on UCPath.

On the heels of rollouts at three pilot locations (Office of the President, Merced and Riverside), UC Davis will deploy UCPath next spring. The modern payroll, benefits, human resource and academic personnel solution replaces the 38-year-old current system. UCLA and UC Santa Barbara are the next campuses scheduled to “go live,” this September with initial paychecks from UCPath in October. UC Davis will be after that.

“This is now really happening,” said Kelly Ratliff, Vice Chancellor for Finance, Operations and Administration and executive sponsor of UCPath. “A lot of thoughtful work and collaboration over the last five years has gone into getting us ready to hit the path running. I’m truly grateful for the thousands of hours of work that has gone into getting UC Davis and UC Davis Health ready to make the transition to UCPath.”

UCPath is a systemwide project launched by the University of California to modernize its aging payroll/personnel system (PPS). As part of UCPath, UC Davis and UC Davis Health are deploying new technology and standardizing processes to enhance the way payroll, benefits and personnel services are delivered.

“This new system will help us advance toward achieving administrative excellence and preparing for future growth,” explained Ratliff. “It’s not just upgraded technology, we want to transform the way we do business. And to be successful, we need the support and engagement of every single academic, staff and student employee.”

Ratliff emphasized that while the new system was necessary to replace more than a dozen different ones across UC, she encouraged departments to be ready for the changes – the good and not-so-good. New technology systems require extensive training, can have glitches, remove some customization, and require longer lead times to initiate personnel and payroll actions.

“While this system is customized to UC, it uses the PeopleSoft platform, and was designed to meet the most common needs across the locations,” said Susan McCutcheon, Program Manager for the UCPath project. “There are a lot of wonderful upgrades that are coming with the system, but we also need to be flexible, allow longer lead times and be patient with it.”

UCPath will standardize roughly 100 UC-wide business processes while improving the quality of employee, job and payroll data. By moving to a unified system, UC is establishing a central data management platform, reducing the number of disparate data systems and interfaces. When all campuses complete the transition to UCPath, UC can further streamline business processes and leverage additional efficiencies.

Highlights of changes when UCPath is implemented in spring 2019.

  • User-friendly, mobile-enabled portal to view and update personal data and manage benefits.
  • The UCPath Center in Riverside will help with benefits, payroll and personnel services.
  • Direct deposit in up to three accounts. 
  • New recruitment tools and enhanced candidate experience.
  • Manager self-service access to reports and employee data.
  • Improved security for payroll and personnel data. 
  • Automated routing for approval of personnel and certain pay transactions.
  • Improved online employee appraisal system.
  • Standard set of reports will be provided to all UCs.

For more information about UCPath at UC Davis, to sign-up for the newsletter or to request a presentation, visit ucpath.ucdavis.edu.