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4/9/21: ePerformance Workcenter outage restored

update 4/9/21 @ 11:30 a.m.

The UCPath outage affecting the ePerformance Workcenter has been resolved. 


Original Outage Alert

The ePerformance Workcenter in UCPath is currently unavailable to Davis Campus and UC Davis Health employees, as well as employees at other UC locations.

The ePerformance Workcenter is used to enter self-evaluations and perform performance appraisal activities.

The outage is currently being investigated by the UCPath central team and an expected resolution time is not available.

Today, April 9, is the suggested deadline for non-represented staff and Skilled Craft (K-3) staff to complete their Complete Self-Evaluation and Propose Goals.

As a reminder, the self-evaluation due date of April 9 in UCPath is merely a suggested date. Departments can choose a later date and it has no impact on users. For departments using April 9 as the deadline, additional time should be granted due to this technical issue.


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