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Forecast Optimistic for UCPath Deployment this Fall

This information was published prior to UCPath go-live at UC Davis. If you need assistance, please visit Who to Contact for Help.

The latest round of testing shows much stronger UCPath system performance, which is scheduled to come officially online for UC Davis this September, with the first round of paychecks starting October 1. 

“We’re feeling much more comfortable with the results from this latest round of testing,” explained Radhika Prabhu, program lead for UCPath at UC Davis and Executive Director of Administrative IT. “While it’s not 100 percent perfect, the rate of errors is within a range we can manually adjust after conversion and before paychecks are produced.”

One final Dress Rehearsal, scheduled from July 29 to August 27, will provide a last opportunity for the project team to work through any lingering conversion complications. And while dozens of folks will be working around the clock to validate data for 35,000 or so employees, officials are strongly urging everyone to print out a previous pay statement and validate the data for themselves.

“Our goal is to see net pay be within plus or minus 5 cents, but anything outside that range should be reported to your supervisor immediately,” explained Susan McCutcheon, program manager for UCPath at UC Davis and eight-year veteran of the project. McCutcheon jokingly adds that she has a jar of pennies on her desk she’s been saving to hand out if needed.

In the latest round of testing, the data quality was much better. Out of about 40,000 paychecks produced, 80 percent were within tolerance levels. And of the other 20 percent, officials are confident the remaining items not fixed programmatically can be handled manually. 

“These results are significantly better than the last testing phase, which previously led us to a decision to postpone implementation,” said Matt Okamoto, UC Davis Controller and Assistant Vice Chancellor of Finance. “We much more confident we are ready to go this September, and while no payroll run is ever 100 percent perfect, we are well prepared to address and handle issues within our control.”

University officials are still concerned about the high number of employees still receiving paper paychecks, which has been a known case of problems during other deployments. 

Okamoto added, “While we can control a lot of factors, an outdated or non-local mailing address could significantly delay funds for employees still opting to receive paper paychecks. We need each and every employee to partner with us. The last thing we want is for any of our folks to be negatively impacted.”

Employee Town Halls Start This Month

The UCPath Project Team is restarting broad outreach to employees this month with a Town Hall on the Davis campus July 17 for managers and supervisors at Conference center Ball Room B.  The Town Halls for employees will be held weekly.  This schedule for both campus and UC Davis Health is posted on the UCPath website.  As part of this outreach effort, employees are being asked to review a preparation checklist, which includes reviewing and updating personal information, signing up for direct deposit for folks still receiving paper paychecks, and enrolling in Duo multi-factor authentication to access UCPath Online. 

“This additional time has allowed us to enhance training for system users, to explore the new recruitment tool and more-closely align business process across the local service channels,” explained Prabhu. “We’re on solid ground now, and while we anticipate some bumps along the way, this extra time has allowed us to plan through handling those as quickly as possible.” 

To learn more about UCPath and to explore the Town Hall schedule, go to

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