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How Employees View Leave Balances Changes at UCPath Go-Live

When UCPath goes live on October 1, how all employees view their leave balances will change. Right now, employees can see their leave balances on their paystubs. In UCPath, those balances will be available in the Employee Self Service section of the UCPath Portal which can be viewed on your smartphone, iPad or computer. Employees will not be able to see them on their paystubs. Health employees will also continue to see their leave balances in ecotime.

UCPath Portal

How academics monitor their leave, including sabbatical credits, is changing as well. While those credits will continue to appear in APHID, academics will be able to see their credits in the Employee Self-Service section of the UCPath portal. Academics who accrue sabbatical leave are strongly encouraged to work with their department or dean’s office to ensure the accuracy of their accrued credits when planning a sabbatical.  Here are some other aspects of academic leaves in UCPath:

  • Leave must be approved in MyInfo Vault (MIV)
  • UCPath requires the service dates and pay period dates for academics requesting leave.
  • Sabbatical credits used will be entered in the UCPath Absence Management module, which will decrement once they are used.

To learn more about UCPath’s go-live on October 1, head to ucpath.ucdavis.edu.

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