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Make Sure You’re Signed Up To Receive Your W-2 Electronically

As the year comes to a close, the UCPath team is encouraging employees to double-check several pieces of information to ensure that they were converted correctly in UCPath.

That includes making sure you are signed up to receive your W-2 electronically in UCPath. The deadline to request an electronic W-2 is January 18, 2020.

If you were signed up for an electronic W-2 in At Your Service Online, your enrollment should have carried over to UCPath. Here’s how you can double-check that you’re signed up to receive your W-2 electronically:

  • Visit UCPath online and click on Employee Actions > Income and Taxes> Enroll to Receive Online W-2.
  • If your current status says CONSENT RECEIVED, then you do not have to do anything – you’re already signed up for the electronic statement.
  • Once you’ve signed up, all notifications pertaining to your W-2/W-2c will be sent to your preferred email address on file in the UCPath system. Please check that it’s up-to-date if you have recently moved. You’ll then log in to UCPath to access it.

Why Request An Electronic W-2?

We encourage signing up to receive your W-2 electronically because it’s more secure and convenient than waiting for it to arrive by mail. It also promotes UC Davis' dedication to a more sustainable university.

UC Davis, UC Davis Health and UC ANR employees will receive two W-2s this year:

  • W-2 statement from AYSO will cover your January – September 2019 paychecks.
  • W-2 statement from UCPath will cover your October - December 2019 paychecks.
  • If your first paycheck was after September 30, 2019, you will only receive one W-2 from UCPath.

Click here if you have any questions about your W-2 election.

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