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A Message to Managers & Supervisors From the UCPath Project Team

The following email sent to UC Davis and UC Davis Health managers and supervisors on Wednesday, November 6 from the the UCPath Project Team

Dear Supervisors and Managers at Campus and Health, 

Our service channels are requesting your help to proactively review student pay. We have heard several stories of missing pay not being reported by students, so please check in with your student employees directly so we can resolve issues as quickly as possible. 

Suggested Tips:

  • Ask your student employees if they are experiencing any pay issues.
  • Escalate pay issues to your service channel immediately with the employee’s full name, department, hours worked by date, and pay rate to help our payroll processors research missed pay as efficiently as quickly.
  • If pay is due, then service channels can request emergency pay.

Important Reminders:

  • Make sure your service channel has cleared your student employee to work before they begin working.
  • Proactively plan for all new employees to ensure they can begin working as quickly as possible.
  • Don’t rely on automatic reminders to complete timesheets. Proactively track and remind folks of timesheet deadlines – especially during this transition time. Timesheet deadlines for TRSUC Davis Health payroll calendars.
  • Review our student pay resources page for more information.

We appreciate your patience and flexibility during this time of transition. With any technology implementation of this scale, there will be some number of errors and some length of time to stabilize. Our service channels are working late hours and over weekends to resolve issues and process transactions, so your kind and respectful communications are much appreciated. 


UCPath Project Team

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