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New payroll access, options with UCPath

This information was published prior to UCPath go-live at UC Davis. If you need assistance, please visit Who to Contact for Help.

When the new UCPath system goes live, staff, academics and student employees will have new tools and options to view and manage how they receive their pay.

Local pickup of paychecks to be discontinued

While the vast majority of employees receive their paycheck via direct deposit, those who currently pick up paychecks locally will no longer have that option. Instead, paychecks will be mailed on payday to home addresses via the U.S. Postal Service.

“We strongly encourage all employees to sign-up for direct deposit to ensure the quickest and most secure delivery of pay,” said Cindy Jones, payroll services director for UC Davis.

For people used to same day pickup of paychecks, this new process will add additional time in the mail. To avoid this delay, employees are encouraged to use the direct deposit option.


Now specify up to three different Direct Deposit accounts

The direct deposit option is a fast, safe and secure way to receive pay. Employees will be able to specify up to three destination accounts. An employee can disperse funds using percentages (e.g. 60% in Acct A, 40% in Acct B) or by sequencing (e.g. 0% in Acct A, $500 in Acct B, the rest in Acct C).

“Direct deposit is the fastest and most convenient way to get paid—funds hit your bank account(s) on payday. It is secure—there’s no chance of a physical check getting lost or stolen. And nearly all U.S. banking institutions are available,” explained Kobe Childs-Floyd, payroll module lead for the UCPath Project.

For employees already using direct deposit, no action is required. Please note: multiple accounts cannot be specified until the new system goes live on October 1.


Credit Union accounts no longer handled as payroll deductions

With UCPath, Credit Union accounts can be set up as direct deposit destinations, like banks. They will no longer be handled as payroll deductions. Employees who currently have credit union deductions will be contacted, and the goal will be to have new direct deposit accounts set up for them in advance of go-live.


Troubleshooting paycheck issues

If there is an issue with a paycheck, the best and fastest way to resolve it will be to contact the employee's department. The local service channel will work with the UCPath Center to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and supplement underpayment with emergency pay via paycards.

For more information, go to ucpath.ucdavis.edu. To sign-up for direct deposit, go to At Your Service (AYSO).

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