Grad Students

Not All UC Davis Grad Students Will Be Paid in UCPath

There’s been some confusion about whether all graduate students will be paid through UCPath. While many student employees do use UCPath, there are some, particularly graduate students, that will not be paid by UCPath. Those students are paid through the Student Accounting office.

UC Path is not involved with the payment of fellowship stipends, such as Graduate Program Fellowship, recruitment fellowships and external fellowships. These fellowships will disperse by Nov. 1. UC Path pays the salary earned by graduate students for employment as a Teaching Assistant Reader, Tutor, and Graduate Student Researcher, as well as students hired into casual appointments (such as a Student Assistant). Trailhead is available in Dutton Hall for any student employee that has questions about pay.

There has also been some confusion over student health care. University of California Student Insurance Health Plan (UC SHIP) does not appear in UCPath. Students can visit the UC SHIP website for more information on student health care including where the Student Health Center is located.

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