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Retirees and Former Employees: Accessing Your W-2

After you leave UC Davis or UC Davis Health, you will still be able to access employment information online, including:

  • Earning Statements
  • W-2 Tax Statements
  • Verification of Employment

In order to access these documents, a personal email address is required in UCPath. For more information, click on the job aid below:

Former Employees: Accessing Your Tax and Payroll Information

Need help?

If you didn’t have a personal email setup or have not received a registration email, contact UCPath Center by calling 855-982-7284. Local UC Davis support units can’t make this update for you, so please stay in the UCPath call queue to speak to a representative there.

If your UCPath profile already included a personal email, watch your email account for information on how to access UCPath and your online W-2.

Retiring or leaving UC Davis soon? 

Be sure to update your UCPath profile to include your personal email address! Click on Employee Actions > Personal Information > Personal Information Summary > Email Address

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