Trailhead, a Student Employee Resource Center, Opens Sept. 30

Student Pay
Update: As of January 13, 2020, Trailhead has been closed. Please contact

While UCPath has been rolled out at several UC campuses, some student employees have faced pay errors that were not resolved as promptly as UC had wished. Here at UC Davis, testing for the September 27 go-live has been overwhelmingly positive.  However, in a deployment of this magnitude, we anticipate that some errors will occur, and we want to make sure student employees have every resource available to fix any issue quickly.

That’s why UC Davis is establishing Trailhead, a resource center for student employees during the six-week stabilization period immediately following go-live.

Students are still encouraged to go first to their department or service channel to address any pay-related issues.

Trailhead is not designed to resolve all problems immediately; however, it will assist with basic UCPath functionality and serve as a backup resource that can log students’ issues and escalate them appropriately. Below are some important details about Trailhead: