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UC Davis Health Gears up for UCPath in Town Hall Meetings

Employees invited to attend informative meeting to learn more about UCPath.

Last week, more than 200 UC Davis Health employees attended two UCPath Town Hall sessions to learn more about the modern payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel system that will replace a 38-year-old system next spring.

“I was incredibly encouraged by the turnout, the thoughtful questions and general interest in UCPath,” observed Brandon Harris, Internal Medicine and Specialty Clinics. “I think UC Davis Health professionals are nimble when it comes to implementing new technology systems and processes, and I look forward to learning more as we get closer to launch.”

Participants at the meeting heard an overview of the UCPath project and some of the key changes that will uniquely affect employees at Health. In addition, to help answer questions, members of the project team and training experts were on hand to provide their perspectives.

“As a software system, everyone who receives a paycheck is affected, but we hope the transition is as seamless as possible. We can achieve that by ensuring that everyone is informed and well-prepared for the changes that are coming,” said Lynn Ashcraft, Payroll Accounting Manager, UC Davis Health.

UCPath is a University of California systemwide program to align personnel and payroll processes and technology across all campuses, medical centers and research units. Upgraded technology will allow employees better access to information, in a more user-friendly environment.

“I found the Town Hall really informative and look forward to learning more about the program going forward,” said Jennifer Kellogg, Chief Administrative Officer, Radiation Oncology. “Our department could be significantly impacted and I’m anxious to learn more about the system upgrades, so our folks are well-prepared.”

To ensure all employees receive the most relevant information about UCPath, a Communications Network has been formed for Health with approximately 163 members to-date. The members of the Communications Network will receive updates monthly, each centered on an important aspect of UCPath. They will have access to a “Meeting in a Box” and present the materials within their units.

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