Dan Russi
Dan Russi, UCPath Center Executive Director

UCPath Center Leadership Provides Update to UC Davis Staff

This information was published prior to UCPath go-live at UC Davis. If you need assistance, please visit Who to Contact for Help.

UCPath Center Leadership Provide Update to UC Davis Staff

UCPath Center leaders were at UC Davis and UC Davis Health the week of November 27 to provide an update and answer questions regarding services when UCPath goes live next year.

In a meeting with the UC Davis Health Communications Network for the UCPath Project, Sr. Communications Officer Jennifer Mushinskie from the UCPath Center (UCPC) explained how the center works with locations to provide services for all employees.

“The UCPath Center is the operations center for the University of California’s UCPath program, where payroll, benefits and human resources information is being centralized for all UC employees.” Mushinskie explained.  “UC employees are our “customers,” but more importantly they’re our colleagues as well, as we’re all part of and working for the University of California.”

Mushinskie joined Vicky Tibbs, Change Management Consultant for UC Davis Health, in two separate presentations at UC Davis Health to provide an overview and answer questions about the role of the UCPath Center when UCPath goes lives in 2019. In a third presentation on the Davis campus, Mushinskie was joined by Dan Russi, the UCPath Center’s executive director, where he shared late-breaking statistics about the September deployments at UCLA and UCSB.

The biggest change the UCPath Center has seen is in call volume due to the increase in employees using UCPath. The number of employees using UCPath jumped from 11,968 in September to 78,576 in October due in large part of the nearly 50,000 employees at UCLA. The number of calls into the UCPC went from 3,558 to 10,344 over the same time period. Despite that significant jump in employees, UCPath saw no significant outages and all payroll dates were met.

“We have literally had no major outages since January,” Russi said. “The stability of the UCPath application has been outstanding. It’s our goal to make sure that continues as more campuses go-live in 2019.”

When UCPath went live at UCLA, call times at the UCPath Center rose dramatically. The UCPath Center is currently working to add around 40 employees this spring and 100 employees by the end of 2019 to support all of the UC employees transitioning to UCPath. They’re also exploring technology for online chats and scheduled call-back appointments. Russi also revealed that UCPC will have liaisons on every UC campus to help with the stabilization process after launch.

While there have been no widespread systemic issues with UCPath, Russi did acknowledge there have been a number of issues with students and graduate student pay inaccuracies. All four campuses have had those issues, with the bulk of them coming from UC Riverside and UC Merced, both pilot campuses that have been on UCPath since January 1, 2018.  In each instance, the student’s pay is being corrected and if necessary, instant pay cards are being issued. Russi also said that UCPC is working with various student associations and campus leaders to learn how to better communicate with student employees about any pay issues (and where they can go to address those issues).

UCPath has now launched on four UC campuses as well as the UC Office of the President and at UCLA Medical Center. You can take a video tour of the UCPath Center, see informational handouts and other tools to prepare the UC Davis and UC Davis Health’s UCPath launch by clicking here.

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