UCPath Center

What Services Does The UCPath Center Provide?

The UCPath Center provides a range of services, including employee services, and human resources.

The UCPath Center, headquartered in Riverside, has six core services it provides for UC employees across the state. Those are Employee Services, Production, IT Shared Services, Finance, Quality/Performance Management and Human Resources.

Employee Services includes customer service as well as triage and problem solving. UCPath is your first point of contact for many of your payroll and personnel needs. Production includes benefits and payroll. Through a system called PeopleSoft, The UCPath Center’s goal is to assure the payroll, benefits and general work force administration is accurate and on-time for every UC employee.

IT Shared Services provides support to both the UCPath Center as well as the UCPath website that UC Davis and UC Davis Health employees will all interact with. This includes IT security support for each campus. Finance includes budgeting for each campus. This includes payroll and benefits. The UCPath Center will also assist all schools with procurement, purchasing and accounts payable.

Quality and Performance Management maintains the UCPath knowledge management database as well as develops UCPath online content that can find when you visit the UCPath website. They also monitor overall quality performance for the UCPath employees you will interact with.

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