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UCPath Paychecks Now To Start Oct 1

This information was published prior to UCPath go-live at UC Davis. If you need assistance, please visit Who to Contact for Help.

University officials have decided the new launch date for UCPath at UC Davis will be October 1, with cutover activities happening in September. 

UC Davis will deploy UCPath alongside UC Davis Health and Agriculture and Natural Resources with a combined employee population of about 35,000 transitioning to the new PeopleSoft platform. Officials agreed the new deployment date will reduce complexity with fewer locations deploying UCPath at the same time. 

“We think this is the best possible outcome and look forward to closing the loop on the outstanding issues that initially led us to a postpone decision,” said Matt Okamoto, UC Davis Controller and co-sponsor of the UCPath project. “I continue to be impressed by all those involved in the project who continue to work diligently to get UC Davis ready for UCPath.” 

The additional time will allow UC Davis to participate in one additional payroll test and one additional data conversion test. This allows the project team to confirm that a greater number of employee records are now converting properly. It also provides new opportunities to adequately test critical downstream systems that involve patient care and conduct more robust validation of labor ledger data. 

The decision comes on the heels of a smooth transition to UCPath at UC Berkeley over the last month, with the first round of paychecks for monthly-paid employees happening today. In fact, the smaller deployment with only about 23,000 employees resulted in conversion being completed ahead of schedule. And last Saturday, the UCPath Portal was made available to UC Berkeley employees.  

Since last month when university leaders decided to postpone deployment, the project team, central Human Resources, Academic Personnel and the four Service Channels have been working to recalibrate toward a new deployment date. More progress has been made to document detailed business processes; and training resources are now being updated to incorporate feedback from early sessions. 

Cutover activities and freeze dates will be changed to accommodate the new deployment date and communicated as soon as possible.

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