Three Ways to Get Paid

Pay options include direct deposit, paper paycheck and pay card.

General Payroll Topics

  • Pay Statements Get a New Look & Feel
  • Earnings statements are available one day before payday at UCPath Online. View a sample pay statement. View a sample pay statement with shift differentials
  • Paper paychecks are mailed to home address
  • Paper paychecks are mailed to your home address on file on payday via the U.S. Postal Service from a processing center in Arizona. Employees are strongly encouraged to sign-up for direct deposit so your pay is in your bank account on payday.
  • Personalized Pay Card is Another Pay Option
  • Non-represented and certain represented employees can elect to receive their pay via the new UC Pay Card, which acts like a debit card and is accepted anywhere Visa-logo cards are accepted. Learn more about the UC Pay Card. Here's a list of represented employees of who can elect to receive a Pay Card: DX, PA, BX, PX, CX and NX.
  • Timekeeping Changes Are Minimal
  • The same timekeeping systems that were used prior to UCPath go-live are used in UCPath (e.g. TRS, ecotime, Kronos, etc.). Over time, paper timesheet users will be migrated to an electronic timekeeping system.
  • Credit Union Deductions Are No Longer Handled as Payroll Deductions
  • The previous practice which allowed five Credit Union (Golden One, Yolo Federal, Schools First CU, USE, and Sacramento CU) members to have payroll deductions for a specific purpose is no longer available. This is not the same as a direct deposit into a credit union. If you have your pay direct deposited into a credit union account, you will not be impacted by this change. 
  • Emergency / Off-Cycle Checks Have Been Replaced
  • Emergency Pay Cards have replaced off-cycle checks and will be available for local pickup so any pay errors can be resolved quickly. Emergency Pay Cards require a social security number, act like a debit card and are accepted anywhere Visa-logo cards are accepted.
  • Calculations and Deductions Standardized Across the UC System
  • UCPath uses industry-standard, automated calculations for payroll deductions and withholding, which may result in minor differences in rounding for taxes, voluntary deductions, and Flexible Spending Accounts.
  • Employees to Receive Two W-2s for 2019 Earnings
  • You will receive two W-2s for 2019 earnings: one for earnings before UCPath goes live (found in At Your Service Online) and one for earning after UCPath goes live (which can be found at UCPath Online). Click here to view guidance and information from UCPath Center about tax documents for 2020.
  • Final Pay Modifications
  • Separated employees are not guaranteed to receive final pay within 72 hours and may receive it as part of their next regular pay date in their chosen pay method (e.g. direct deposit, paper paycheck, UC Pay Card). Represented employees will receive final pay in accordance with their collective bargaining agreement. Involuntary separations will be handled with care by your local Service Channel.
  • Student Employees Cannot Begin Work Before Paperwork is Complete
  • Your new hire process must be complete and you must be fully onboarded by your service channel before you start working. If you start before this occurs, you could experience issues with your first paycheck.
  • Contact Your Supervisor if You Miss a Timesheet Deadline
  • Your supervisor will work with your service channel to determine the next possible pay date. The deadlines for employees to submit their time cards have not changed. However, supervisors and time administrators have new deadlines to approve time cards in time for the UCPath Center to process pay. Check timesheet deadlines for TRS.

News & Updates