UCPath Security Overview

The UCPath Security Team has been diligently compiling the list of users for UCPath Go Live!

We are committed to implementing a security model that grants the appropriate level of visibility and access to each employee using UCPath.

  • UCPath will use our current “single sign-on” framework via Shibboleth
  • DUO is required for access to the UCPath system
  • All employees will be granted access to Employee Self-Service functions in UCPath
  • All managers with “reports to” relationships, will receive access to Manager Self-Service functions, including recruiting & ePerformance
  • For initial access at go-live the UCPath Security Team has submitted the list to the central project team
  • After UCPath go-live, requests for access will follow a similar process as access to PPS today

Security Levels

Two Levels of Security:
  • Roles - Controls the screens you see and the types of actions you can take
  • Rows - Controls whose data you see, based on Business Unit & HR Department

You have one definition of your row-level security that applies to ALL of your assigned Roles.

Security Role Types
  • Initiator - Transactional User
    • Initiates requests / transactions in UCPath
    • Primary entry role for creating & updating records
    • Primarily Service Channels & Central Office users but includes Fund/Account mgrs.
  • Approver - Transactional User
    • Approves requests / transactions in UCPath
    • Reviews & approves before going to UCPath Center
    • Primarily Service Channels & Central Office users but includes Finance officers.
  • Inquiry User - View-Only Access
    • Able to view information directly in UCPath system
    • Primarily Central Offices and HR Business Partners
  • Cognos Report User - Reporting Access
    • Reports accessed from Cognos data warehouse, not directly in UCPath
    • Includes department users as well as Central Offices and Service Channels
  • Additionally there are less commonly assigned roles such as various types of Administrator roles
How was Security Access Decided?
  • Input from unit / department leaders
  • Review of current access in PPS, KFS, PPS DS, and UCDH PeopleSoft
  • Analysis of Business Need for Access as well as Security & Privacy compliance
  • Review by UCPath Security Committee

Because of the confidential nature of the information, access to UCPath is granted only for the performance of assigned job duties. 

Security Roles Training

Required Training

Anyone who has been assigned one or more of the following roles must complete the required training no later than October 1st:

  • Funding Entry Initiator
  • Funding Entry Approver
  • Salary Cost Transfer (Direct Retro) Initiator
  • Salary Cost Transfer (Direct Retro) Approver

Required training will be assigned in the UCD Learning Center and users should receive an email notification from the Learning Management System with links to the required training.  You can also access the trainings directly from the LMS.  The courses are listed in the table below.  The first three are optional but highly recommended and the remaining two are the courses that are required to maintain UCPath access:

Course Code Title Duration Content / Description


Upcoming Changes: Funding Entry & Salary Cost Transfers

10 min

This course provides a quick overview of the changes to how we'll handle Funding Entry and Salary Cost Transfers with the new UCPath system.


Overview of Funding in UCPath

15 min

This course explains the core concepts on how funding will be handled with UCPath and is recommended as a precursor to the Funding Entry / Updates and Salary Cost Transfer courses.


Funding Entry Inquiry

20 min

This course provides tips on navigating in UCPath and explains how to run a Funding Entry Inquiry. It includes details on how to interpret the information provided on-screen.


Funding Entry & Updates
Required for Access

30 min

This course describes the position funding entry process overall as well as providing detailed instructions on submitting new funding entry requests, updating existing funding entries, and uploading funding files into UCPath.


Salary Cost Transfers (Direct Retro)
Required for Access

30 min

This course describes how to enter salary cost transfers in UCPath, using the Direct Retro transaction. It also explains how to run Direct Retro inquiries and interpret the resulting screen.

For all other roles, there are recommended learning paths, eLearning courses, and reference guides that can be found on the Training Resources page on the UCPath site at https://ucpath.ucdavis.edu/training.

Note, in the future, required training will be added to additional roles and become required for new users.

A note about Cognos reports

Cognos reports training is not required, but highly recommended.  We encourage all Cognos users to take a few minutes to watch the Cognos Reports (NAV108) elearning and download this guide for instructions.

Go Live Access

Who to Contact with Questions about Access
The final Go Live access request lists have been provided to each department’s UCPath Security Liaison (see table below to identify your departments contact).  Questions about access should first go to your department’s UCPath Security Liaison and they will escalate appropriately.  Utilizing the UCPath Security Liaison will ensure questions are resolved as quickly as possible.
The role of the Security Liaison is to:

  • Share the final Go Live access list with their department – this includes assigned UCPath roles and rows and Cognos report users
  • Help respond to any questions or concerns for their department
  • Coordinate questions and access updates with the UCPath Security team

The role of the Security Liaison is NOT to approve of any access requests – approvals should come from the requester’s supervisor.  The Security Liaison can then assist with submitting the request to the UCPath Security team.

For other questions and issues encountered at Go Live please refer to the “Who to Contact” webpage: https://ucpath.ucdavis.edu/who-call.

Process for Submitting Updates
Access has been set for Go Live, however we realize the list will never be “Final”

  • After go-live, if your access doesn’t seem correct, please report
  • We’ll have a Base Camp support team dedicated to resolving issues as quickly as possible
  • It’s very likely that role adjustments will be a relatively common need
    • There are approximately 100 different UCPath security roles in use at UC Davis!
  • Prior to October 1st, business critical changes will be accepted through ucpathsecurity@ucdavis.edu and a manual form will be provided to complete.
  • All other requests will be processed as quickly as possible beginning October 1st, but your patience is appreciated!

New Access Request Form Coming Soon:
Beginning in October, access requests (including new users, updates, and removals) will be submitted through an on-line form.  More details will be provided as we get closer to October.

Security Liaisons

Initial Point of Contact for Questions on UCPath Access

Download a printable Excel version

The people listed below are acting as the liaisons for their units regarding UCPath Security Role Assignments. These liaisons will receive the confirmed list of assignments for their area, which includes UCPath Security Role as well as ""row-level security"" which denotes the departments a user has access to.

Updated: January 9, 2020

Security Access Group

UCPath Security Liaison

Service Channel - AUSS-C Lisa Gaby
Service Channel - AUSS-C Robin Tapia
Service Channel - DiSSC Andrea Aguilar
Service Channel - DiSSC Nicole Bilich
Service Channel - DiSSC Leslie Jones
Service Channel - Health - AP SOM Brent Seifert
Service Channel - Health - AP SOM Abby Reyes
Service Channel - Health - LOA, Records, & Recruit Coordinators Robert Pettit
Service Channel - Health - LOA, Records, & Recruit Coordinators Liberty Ruiz
Service Channel - Health - Payroll Services Svetlana Tymoshchenko
Service Channel - SSO Teri Sugai 
Service Channel - SSO Stacey Stephens
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Athletics Anissa Nachman
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Bio Sciences Cathy Miller
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Bio Sciences Donna Olsson
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - College of Ag Shannon Tanguay
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - College of Ag Janelle M Kohl
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - DEVAR Leann Castaneda
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - DEVAR Tania Walden
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Engineering Manju Kaul
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - FOA Kim Rhodes
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - FOA Nancy Hernandez
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - GSM Diana (Dee Dee) Kitchen
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - GSM Michele Goodman
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - IET Morna Mellor
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - IET Kim Maslaniak
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - L&S Lisa Schwieso 
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - L&S Celina Cano
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Law Kristina Do-Vu
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Law Brett Burns
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Library Elizabeth Vaziri
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Library Esther Cannizzaro
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Office of Research Lori Dana
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Office of Research Delanda Buchanan
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Office of Research Dorothy Chan
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Office of the Chancellor/Provost Myrene Abot
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Office of the Chancellor/Provost Ariel Cormier 
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - School of Ed Heidi O'Guinn
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - School of Ed Damian Chapman
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - School of Ed Donna Connolly
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - School of Med Brent Seifert
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - School of Med Abby Reyes
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - School of Med Jennifer Gastineau
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - School of Med Nicole Steele
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - School of Nursing Steven Wells
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - School of Nursing Emily Sanson-Smith
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Student Affairs Luci Schmidl
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Student Affairs Dave Johnson
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Student Affairs Lindsey Metzger
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Student Affairs Lorna Gill
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Cont & Prof Ed Delisha Gordon Brown
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Cont & Prof Ed Denise Prigge
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Vet Med Shireen Lovell
Dept GL/HRBP/Dean's Office - Vet Med Mary McNally
Central Office - Academic Affairs Kelly Anders
Central Office - Academic Affairs Kim Delaughder
Central Office - AdminIT Leslie Olsen
Central Office - AMAS Janet Cox
Central Office - BIA Terrence Ireland
Central Office - Contracts & Grants Francisco Andrade
Central Office - Contracts & Grants James Ringo
Central Office - Finance Courtney Finn
Central Office - Supply Chain Mike Kuhner
Central Office - Financial Aid Catherine Li
Central Office - Grad Studies Rosemary Martin-Ocampo
Central Office - HR Campus & UCDHS Bill Gregory
Central Office - ICC/Student Empl Ami Tripp
Central Office - ICC/Student Empl Andrea Hanson
Central Office - Payroll Kathy Sandhu
Central Office - Campus Risk Management/WC Gaby Renteria
Central Office - Student Accting Ileana Acevedo
Central Office - Tax Diane Davies-Conley
PMO Team Susan McCutcheon
UCDHS - IT, Compliance, Employee Health Susana Lee, Linda McManus
UCDMC - Finance Kerri Hester