Student Resources For Navigating UCPath


UCPath brought several changes to UC Davis and UC Davis Health, including how students get paid, when they can start work and who to contact if they experience any issues. There are several resources available to student employees to help navigate these changes.


I've just been hired. Can I start work now?

If you’ve done your onboarding appointment to complete new-hire paperwork and are cleared by your supervisor to begin, you may start work. However, if there’s a short time between your onboarding appointment and your start date, your job record and employee ID may not be setup in UCPath yet, so there may be delays in your access to the UCPath Online Portal and online timekeeping systems.

How do I get paid? Is there somewhere on campus I can go to pick up my paycheck?

There is no paycheck pickup on campus. Now that UCPath is live at UC Davis and UC Davis Health, there are three different options to receive pay: Direct Deposit, UC Pay Card, or Paper Paycheck. We encourage you to enroll in Direct Deposit to avoid any pay delays as paper paychecks are now mailed on payday from a facility in Arizona. Click here to read more about your pay options. If you're already enrolled in Direct Deposit, you can make changes in UCPath online portal.

I've been paid, but something's not right. Who should I talk to?

Inform your supervisor as soon as possible. Your supervisor will follow up on the issue and discuss options to correct the payment. Alert your supervisor immediately if you haven’t been paid. Departments are being asked to immediately notify their service channels if students are working and aren’t getting paid so an emergency paycheck can be processed.

I still haven't received my paper paycheck. What should I do?

Your paycheck is mailed from a facility in Arizona on payday. If you haven't received it in 4-5 days, talk to your direct supervisor. If you want to put a stop payment on the check and have it reissued, you'll need to log-in to the UCPath online portal and click the "Ask UCPath" link in the top right hand corner. All employees are encouraged to enroll in direct deposit to ensure payment on payday. That can also be done in the UCPath online portal.

I missed a timesheet deadline. What should I do next?

Contact your supervisor. Your supervisor will work with your service channel to determine the next possible pay date. The deadlines for employees to submit their time cards have not changed. However, supervisors and time administrators have new deadlines to approve time cards in time for the UCPath Center to process pay. Check timesheet deadlines for TRS. Readers are required to submit timesheets, but most other graduate student positions – such as teaching assistants, associate-ins, and graduate student researchers – do not require timesheets.