Cognos Updates

Effective Tuesday, March 17, 2020: You can access Cognos reports without connecting to VPN first.  

This section lists only the updates to reports or recently added reports.   
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  • Compensation
  • Date Type of Change Report Description
    3/26/20 Updated

    UCP - 310 – Compensation Report

    ·       Added As of Date prompt to derive history
    ·       Added Employee Class, Employee Class description, Job Code and Job Code Description to the report
    ·       Added Employee Class and Job Code as a prompt
  • ePerformance
  • Date Type of Change Report Description
    2/6/20 New Report UCP-160 -  Employee Activity Report New report to track Performance Appraisals at a detail level
    2/6/20 New Report

    UCP-161 -  Employee Activity Summary Report

    New report to track Performance Appraisals at a summary level


  • GL Integration - Updates as of 4/8/20
  • Date Type of Change Report Description
    4/8/20 New Report UCP-208 – Work Study Award Balance Report This report is used to monitor Work-Study student employees’ award amounts and balances. It reports updated award amount when an employee’s Work-Study eligibility changes and identifies employees who are approaching a zero (0) dollar award balance. This report also provides information about employees’ Position and Position Pool ID if they are properly associated with employees’ Work-Study award.
    4/8/20   UCP-339 – Expense Distribution Report

    Updated 4/8/20: Added Project Code as a prompt

    Updated 3/26/20:

    ·       Separated Account and Sub-Account
    ·       Added an Object Code Prompt
    ·       Added a note on the Account Prompt:  "Only accounts with payroll expenses will appear."
    ·       Changed the criteria to only show only the most recent record for the date selected
    ·       Added number of records at the top of the report so you can see how many records returned for your report.

    3/26/20 Update UCP-391 – Funding Entry Report Changed logic to so that current job information displays for current funding while future job information displays for future funding
    2/6/20 New Report

    UCP-394 – Positions without funding

    New report that identifies filled or unfilled positions with no funding.  This report can be used to identify employees in advance that would hit the department default accounts prior to GL processing (since they would not be picked up on the UCP-391 Funding Entry Report).
    2/6/20 Faster

    UCP-339 – Expense distribution report

    Optimized the report to run faster by creating a single data file to support this report.  This will help alleviate slow download in the system.
    1/29/20 Update UCP-391 – Funding Entry Report

    ·       No longer shows inactive employees
    ·       Added Class Indicator and Description
    ·       Added Job Code Description
    ·       Added Hire Date
    ·       Updated Distribution Percentage field to show 3 decimals
    ·       An issue with errors in Distribution Percentage for certain positions was fixed

  • Payroll
  • No updates at this time

  • Reference
  • Date Type of Change Report Description
    3/26/20 New Report UCP-389 Basic Appointment Report New employee job appointment report to be used for Employee Verification and for users who need to verify an employee's job (dates, status, title) without access to any funding information.
    3/26/20 New Report UCP-348 Dimension Table List

    This will eventually replace UCP-349 Job Code Listing Report & UCP-392 Department Code Listing Report

    New report that displays code and description for a variety of UCPath data points such as Action Code, Action Reason Code,  Comp Rate Code, and  Department Job Code
    2/6/20 Fixed

    UCP-393 – PPS ID to UCPath Emp ID Look-up

    Fixed a bug in the report to clear selections when switching from one report to another.  Added a clear prompts button.


  • TAM
  • Date Type of Change Report Description
    3/26/20 New Report UCP-218 - Orientation Report The New Hire/Orientation Report enables HR Staff and multiple departments to have advance notice of new hires and their scheduled orientation dates for various purposes, including being able to fulfill terms of of UC system-wide arbitration agreements with unions.
  • UCD Health - Updates as of 4/8/20
  • Date Status Report Description
    4/8/20 Updated UCP-513 – All Health Employees Added two new fields to Paygroup and FLSA status
    4/8/20 New!

    UCP-530 – Apps Diversity Request

    This report identifies the diversity of the applicants applying for a job and whether or not they were routed.  The report contains data on Applicants such as Job Family, Job Requisitions, Target openings and Applicant ID.  This report is emailed to specific HR Recruitment and Diversity business staff at UCDH.
    1/29/20 New Report

    UCP-520 Compliance Department Roster Report

    1/29/20 New Report UCP-522 Compliance Job Summary Report


  • Workforce Administration (WFA) - Updates as of 4/8/20
  • Date Type of Changes Report Description
    4/8/20 Updated UCP-361 – New Separations Report

    Added FTE to the report
    Added Employee ID as a prompt

    3/26/20 Updated

    UCP-272 Employee Roster Report

    Added Business e-mail, Probation Code and Probation end date to the report
    Monthly rate now represents full year value instead of the pro-rated amount
    3/26/20 Updated UPC-363 New Hire Report ·       Changed the report to include Active, Leave of Absence, Leave with Pay and Short Work Break ·      
    ·       Changed the report to include Action Code of HIRE and REHIRE
    ·       Added Union Code to the Report
    ·       Added Employee ID as a prompt
    3/26/20 Updated

    UCP-380 Hours Toward Career Status

    Made changes to the Summary reports to sum hours at the employee level
    3/26/20 Updated UCP-258 Licenses and Certifications Detail Report Optimized to improve processing speed.
    3/26/20 Updated UCP-390 Current and Future Job Appointments Report

    ·       Added Employee Class Prompt
    ·       Monthly rate now represents full year.  No longer the pro-rated amount.

    2/6/20 New

    UCP-379 - Concurrent Jobs Report

    New report to identify employees within a Business Unit and Department with concurrent jobs.
    1/29/20 Updated UCP-272 - Employee Roster Report

    ·       Added the ability to pull history for a person using the As of date
    ·       Added Union Code
    ·       Added Position Pool ID (Work Study information)
    ·       Added Position Entry Date