(Mar 23) UCPath phone service will be unavailable until further notice.  |  UCPath online will remain available.  |  Employees and transactors should continue to submit questions and requests online using “Ask UCPath Center.”

Finance/General Ledger

Deadlines and Schedules

  • Ledger Updates: Direct Retros are posted to the ledger one to three times per week.  Once the Direct Retro is fully approved, the UCPath Center will run the batch process to post it to the ledger on weeknights when there is not a payroll confirm process (e.g. on weeknights when there is no monthly, bi-weekly or off-cycle pay confirm).  
  • Direct Retro Timing: Cost transfers onto Federal or Federal Flow Through funds must be completed within 120 days from the pay date.
  • Funding Entry Timing: To have a funding entry be in effect before payroll is processed, the Funding Entry needs to be Approved before the Pay Confirm Date on the UCPath Processing schedule available on this web page. 
  • KFS SET Retirement: The last day for processing Salary Expense Transfers in Kuali Financial Systems is May 29, 2020.  Any SETs that are "enroute/not fully executed" after this date will be cancelled.

Known Issues

Date Posted Topic Description Status
03/12/2020 Direct Retro Processing Direct Retro processing was suspended from March 6th - 9th while issues with balancing were resolved by UCPath Center.  Effective 3/10, new Direct Retros can be entered.  There are several transactions that were previously submitted that need to be re-entered by the intitiators; notification with details will be sent to that group of initiators on March 12th. 

New Entries: Resolved

Some DRs Need to be Re-Entered

01/28/2020 Funding Entry Salary Cap/MCOP Worksheet Funding Entry Salary Cap/MCOP Worksheet does not allow  more than 99 rows. This impacts School of Medicine (SOM) Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP) employees with complex funding resulting in over 99 distribution rows in the Salary Cap/MCOP worksheet. In progress at UCPath Center
01/28/2020 Direct Retro (Salary Cost Transfer) Direct Retro (Salary Cost Transfer) will time out when clicking save/submit, changes are not saved and transaction is not submitted. This impacts employees with complex funding, including salary capped funding, primarily School of Medicine (SOM) Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP) employees

In progress at UCPath Center

01/28/2020 Vacation leave assessment

Departments are being financially assessed vacation leave for employees who are not accruing vacation hours, such as Limited or less than .50 FTE.

In progress at UCPath Center

Change Requests

Date Posted Topic Description Status
01/28/2020 Funding Entry Salary Cap/MCOP Worksheet Change Warning messages to Hard Stop for Z payments on sponsored funding and over-the-cap funding on sponsored funding. In progress at UCPath Center
01/28/2020 Vacation & Sick Leave Taken Use pay period FAU for leave taken reported in arrears for Monthly employees.
Currently, if the FAU changed, the Regular pay and leave will be charged to different FAUs.

In progress at UCPath Center

01/28/2020 Direct Retro (Salary Cost Transfer)

Post associated RPNI (8690) assessment at the same time as the Direct Retro.

In progress at UCPath Center
01/28/2020 Assessment rates for cross-Chart funded positions Apply the CBR, VLA and GAEL assessment rates based on distribution funding rather than the HR Department Business Unit. In progress at UCPath Center
01/28/2020 Redirects (formerly Benefit Diversion). Automate the identification of redirect FAUs. In progress at UCPath Center

GL FAQs / Tips

Direct Retros (Salary Cost Transfers)


In the New Data section, change all distribution rows to the Department FAU(s) and select "Apply WS" in the dropdown for each row.  When the Direct Retro is processed, the Work Study split will be calculated.  For more on processing transfers for Work-Study, see the eLearning & Job Aids section of this web page.

Multiple Paychecks

If multiple paychecks (pay periods) are selected when performing a Direct Retro, you must make changes for each paycheck.  To view all paychecks, click the 'View All' link at the top right of the Check Earnings section.

RPNI Timing

The RPNI Assessment (recorded in Object 8690) associated with a UCPath Direct Retro will be moved accordingly by UCPath.  However it will post to the ledger in a separate ledger entry at a later date.  In some cases the RPNI adjustment may post to a different ledger month.

Funding Information

Assessment Rates

Assessment rates are determined by the Position's Business Unit.  For employees who have funding from multiple Business Units, the assessment rate for all distributions will be determined by the Business Unit.  For example, a Campus employee has ANR Chart L funding will be assessed Campus rates, even for the L funded distributions

Effective Dates

Effective Dates and Sequence numbers control which entry will be in effect.  If you need to enter Funding that falls into a period of time between two existing Funding Entries, be sure to click the + sign that falls between the two entries, not at the top of the page.  If there is an incorrect entry, you can enter a second Funding Entry record with the same Effective dates and it will have a higher Sequence number.  Whichever entry for a given date that has the highest sequence number is the one that will be used for funding distributions.

Object Code Derivation

UCPath will derive the Object Code for funding distributions based on the rules described in this Job Aid.  When a user enters funding distributions in UCPath Funding Entry, the Object Code is not displayed on screen.  The Object Code will be derived when pay is processed and appear on ledgers.  For more information on the use of Object Codes, go to the Accounting & Financial Reporting website.