Your UCPath Paychecks Have A New Look

November 13, 2019
The UCPath paychecks and portal pay statements that UC employees have been receiving since late September have a different look and new information will be available in the UCPath Online Portal.

UCPath Blackout Dates Set For November, December

November 12, 2019
UCPath Online will be unavailable on select dates in November and December during cutover for UC Irvine and UC Santa Cruz. These outages are the first ones UC Davis will experience since our September 27 go-live. These outages will allow the UCPath Center to convert UC Irvine and UC Santa Cruz employee information in to UCPath.

A Message To Student Employees

November 08, 2019
The following email was sent to student employees on Thursday, November 8 from Kelly Ratliff, Vice Chacellor of Finance, Operations and Administration.

Trailhead Extended, Moving To Memorial Union

November 07, 2019
Trailhead, a student employee resource center, will remain open past its initial time frame and it's also moving locations.

Payroll Resources for Student Employees

October 25, 2019
UCPath is here to serve the entire UC Davis employee population, yet we recognize that with a deployment of this magnitude, some pay errors will occur. We want to ensure that every student employee has the resources available to resolve any pay issues quickly. The FAQs listed below provide guidance for some basic scenarios.

Not All UC Davis Grad Students Will Be Paid in UCPath

October 17, 2019

There’s been some confusion about whether all graduate students will be paid through UCPath. While many student employees do use UCPath, there are some, particularly graduate students, that will not be paid by UCPath. Those students are paid through the Student Accounting office.